3 Primary Materials Car Rims Are Made Of

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3 Primary Materials Car Rims Are Made Of

If you want to purchase new rims for your tires, you are going to need to decide what material you want your new rims to be made out of. Not all rims are made from the same material, and the material you choose can impact the performance of your wheels and the handling of your vehicle. The three primary types of materials used for car rims include aluminum alloy, steel, and carbon fiber. 

Material #1: Aluminum Alloy

When it comes to the standard for rims, it is aluminum alloy. Most of the default rims that come on vehicles, from trucks to SUVs to small economy cars, are made from aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy is one of the most popular wheel materials because it offers the perfect balance. They are also affordable enough to produce to use on economy vehicles and high-end vehicles. Aluminum alloy wheels can also withstand most normal wear and tear. They have the right amount of weight and strength to provide for the best driving conditions. 

Material #2: Steel  

The second material for rims is steel. Steel rims are often used as the default material on low-end vehicles. They are used on low-end vehicles because steel rims are really affordable. That doesn't mean that steel rims are cheap or poorly made; steel is just a readily available material that one can easily afford to purchase and allows for the creation of rims at an affordable price. 

Steel rims are a little heavier and will add a little more weight to your vehicle. Steel rims work well on commuter vehicles, but may not be the best fit if you have more of a sports or race style vehicle.  

Material #3: Carbon Fiber 

The third material for rims is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber wheels are really expensive, as carbon fiber is still an expensive material to make and fabricate. Carbon fiber wheels are very light-weight yet strong. Carbon fiber wheels are favored for people who are driving sports cars or participating in track-style car racing events.  

Although carbon fiber wheels are strong and can handle a lot of weight, they are also brittle. So just a little contact with a curb or some debris on the road can seriously damage your rims. 

The standard material for car rims is aluminum alloy rims, with steel rims a close second. For high-class rims that are made for racing, go for carbon fiber rims. For more information about your options, contact services that provide ESR wheels.

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