3 Considerations When Purchasing A Wheel Alignment Machine For Your Auto Repair Shop

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3 Considerations When Purchasing A Wheel Alignment Machine For Your Auto Repair Shop

If you run an auto repair shop, being able to offer your customer professional wheel alignment is just another way you can expand the services you offer and ensure that you are able to meet all your customer's needs. When purchasing an alignment machine, there are a few different things you need to consider in order to purchase the machine that will allow you to best serve your customers.

Consideration #1: OBD2 Interface

When you look at alignment machines, you need to consider the types of vehicles you will be surfacing. Most modern vehicles include advanced safety systems, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and lane-departure warnings. Many modern vehicles also include other advanced driving features such as traction control and adaptive cruise control.

All of these advanced safety and driving features can be connected in some way to the vehicle's tire system and can be impacted by the wheel adjustment process. You want a machine that is capable of properly aligning the tires on the vehicle, and then electronically resetting all the connected systems for that vehicle. This is an advanced safety feature that is often required by manufacturers if you want to be able to offer this service to as many customers as possible. A machine needs to have an OBD2 interface in order for you to electronically reset all connected systems.

Consideration #2: Vehicle-Specific Adjustments

Next, you want a wheel alignment machine that will allow you to make specific alignment adjustments based on the particular type of vehicle that you are adjusting the wheels on. Many vehicle manufacturers provide specific measurements and guidelines for aligning wheels on their vehicles. The right machine will help your auto repair technicians meet and follow the guidelines and procedures for aligning the wheels on all the different vehicles that your shop services.

Consideration #3: Training Assistance

Finally, consider purchasing a wheel alignment machine that offers training assistance. Some wheel alignment machines offer both animations and videos to help the mechanic, which can be particularly useful when you get an unusual make and model in your shop that you don't deal with on a regular basis. Having training assistance built into the wheel alignment machine will help ensure that your mechanics have the tools necessary to properly adjust the alignment of all the vehicles that come through your shop. 

When purchasing a wheel alignment machine for your auto repair shop, you want to purchase a machine that will allow you to serve the greatest number of customers at the highest quality level possible. Look for a machine that has an OBD2 interface to allow your shop to meet safety standards. You should also look for a machine that offers training assistance and the ability to make vehicle-specific adjustments.

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