3 Crucial Tips For More Affordable Auto Repairs

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3 Crucial Tips For More Affordable Auto Repairs

Are you tired of spending too much to fix your vehicle when it breaks down? Do you wish that there was something you could do to lower the cost to something more affordable? While various maintenance and repair bills are a standard part of car ownership, this doesn't make the process any less painful for your wallet. However, there are a few tips you might be able to take advantage of to get your vehicle repaired without breaking the bank. A few of the things you can try include the following:

Shop around: A lot of people opt for the easy route and simply take their vehicle to the nearest or the most convenient shop. You might even be returning to the same shop over and over again. But while a particular auto repair shop might have good rates on one thing, they might not be so competitive about other prices. You should always get quotes from at least two shops regarding any kind of repair, preferably three or more quotes. Taking your vehicle to a shop that is a little farther away and that costs a few extra dollars to get to could potentially save you hundreds on a given repair bill. 

Get a payment plan: Like all employees, the professionals at auto repair shops are going to expect to be paid for their work. They typically prefer to get paid for everything right up front before they will give you your vehicle back, but some shops realize that this isn't an option for everyone. In exchange for a title lien on your vehicle or something similar, there are repair shops that will let you pay for the repairs in installments. While this won't necessarily make a given repair cost less, it will likely be more doable for many people. 

Ask about used parts: While not every shop will install used or rebuilt parts, having used parts installed is a perfectly viable method of auto repair. For instance, a rebuilt transmission or alternator often costs a fraction of what a brand-new one would cost. In order to be sure that you're getting the best value for your money, always insist on certified used parts that come with a warranty or guarantee whenever possible. You aren't going to be able to get any sort of warranty with a used door panel, but you might be able to get one on a window motor, and you absolutely should be getting a warranty for important parts like alternators and transmissions.

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