Recovering Your Truck If You Get Stuck Offroad

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Recovering Your Truck If You Get Stuck Offroad

Offroading or traveling off the highway on unmaintained roads or trails is growing in popularity, but even with trucks, SUVs, and purpose-built vehicles, you can find yourself stuck. Offroad recovery may mean getting yourself unstuck, or in cases where you can't get out, bringing in a truck or other vehicle to pull you out. 

Self-Recovery Basics

For most people, self-recovery is the best option, but it can take some work to get out of a rough spot with your rig on your own. But some tools can help make it easier.

Hand Winch or Comealong

Like a full-size winch, a hand winch applies pulling force on the vehicle, using a tree or other stationary object to anchor to. A hand-winch does not have the same torque or power as an electric winch, but it is small enough that you can carry it in your truck or 4x4 and have it ready in case you need it. 

Farm Jack

A farm jack is a heavy-duty jack that is made to lift tractors and farm equipment but has become very popular for lifting trucks off-road. The jack is extremely strong and works well in rough terrain. It can lift the entire truck off so you can remove rocks or other material from under the truck if it is hung up. Farm jacks are also handy for changing large offroad tires in places that you usually would not be able to. 

Recovery Straps

These straps are made from high strength nylon and are extremely useful for anchoring hand winches or electric winches to a tree or to another vehicle to pull the truck out. Recovery straps are different from tow straps, so be sure you get the right one when you are buying a strap for your rig. 

Electric Winch

Adding an electric winch to your rig is a great option, but it is vital that you get a winch with enough power to pull out your truck if it is stuck. If the truck weighs three thousand pounds, the winch needs to be able to pull double that to be effective as a self-recovery tool. Trying to use a lighter winch can lead to winch failure or cable failure when winching. 

It is critical that you use safe winching practices and take your time as you recover your truck or SUV from whatever situation it is in. If you need help getting the truck out, you may need to call a recovery service and have them come get the truck out of the mud or off the trail for you. 

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